At Hollyhock,

We offer Excellent Health, Unsurpassed Intelligence

Uncommon Temperament



We also understand that deciding to purchase a kitten represents a substantive investment.

Along with the standard deposit/balance due when your baby goes home with you we offer the option for a 'no interest' payment plan for our upcoming litters.  You pay as much as you like per month so that by the time the babies are ready to leave mama, you have already paid for him/her.  It takes the worry out of having to pay everything at once and insures that you will have a kitten when they are ready to come home to you. It also allows many people to take two kittens which might not be possible without the "plan". 

 Please note kittens are sold unregistered without 'papers'.

 Our kittens go very quickly as a result so don't wait too long if you have a definite colour in mind.  Kittens are "held" in the order that they are "reserved", not the amount of the deposit.

 You never lose your position on the list if you make smaller payments than someone else. Your position is determined "when" you reserve your kitten. 

Please consider the purchase of a kitten very carefully.

  It is never wise to make a 'spur' of the moment decision with any pet and deposits/payments are non - refundable.

All Catteries are required by law to charge applicable tax.


Seal Point ...

   the darkest and most striking

    of the colour points .

                       Sable Brown points with a dark                          

Cafe au Lait coat

Shown here 'Cupcake' Seal Lynx Point



Blue Point...

 Exotic Smokey Blue Grey

       on all of the points

 Shown here:

                              Angelica Blue Point little girl

                                    Flame  Lynx Snow Tiger

                                       extremely light coat colour

                                     Apricot points, Apricot

                                  ringed tails.

                                            Just stunning and always boys.


Snow Tiger Balinese

Palest of the coat colours:  white coat

with Tiger Markings on face, tail and legs.

Very beautiful very rare. 

 Tortoiseshell  ...

      Beautifully Dappled point areas

    resembling Tortoiseshell 

Always Girls

               Chocolate Point...

             Milk Chocolate Points

                with a lighter cream body

                   and a frosting of warm rich

                cinnamon on the tips

             of the coat hairs




Snowshoe Balinese

                             Extremely rare to find

                              and absolutely stunning!

                             Snowshoes come in Seal, Blue, Chocolate

                         as well as the Snow Tiger colours

                            so you can have a Snow Tiger Snowshoe.

                              Shown here our King "Cha Cha Cha"

                                 Our incredible "Seal Point" Snow Shoe

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Please note:  Hypo-Allergenic does not mean the same as "non- allergenic"  With any breed of cat considered to be "hypo-allergenic" you may still have a reaction, it should just be much less than with a regular cat breed.  Please consider carefully if you should have 'severe' allergies.

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